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How can you improve the quality of text and figures in your research paper to increase its impact?
Would you like to increase the chances of your grant application to be successful?
Do you want an accurate and effective translation, conveying meaning, and tone?

Regardless of the intrinsic importance of a piece of information, whether research results, a new treatment, or the description of a medical condition, the way the readers receive this information, through text and graphics, will have a significant impact. My considerable expertise in writing and translation in the life sciences will help to deliver your message accurately and with maximum impact. I provide a personalized, flexible and iterative service for life-science researchers, clinicians or companies. This support can take the form of fixed collaborations, limited in time or by objectives, or be more open-ended collaborations.

Scientific writing

Concise and impactful writing is one of the cornerstones of life-science research. The ability to express a complex idea in a limited number of words, the expressiveness and aesthetic of a figure, will make a huge difference when the time comes to choose between projects or publications of equal excellence. I will improve drafts and help produce high-quality figures, for project designs, grant applications, project reports and research publications. Find out more about my services in scientific writing.

Document translation

I translate scientific texts, such as publications, reports and thesis, patents, patient records, safety information, marketing leaflets, websites and more, between English (US/UK) and French (CA/EU). I am thorough and will always go the extra mile to provide accurate and elegant documents. I can also help you find trusted identified translators in other language pairs (translation towards English or French only) and will proofread the results. Find out more about my translation services.

For more details, see my list of writing services and prices.

Computational biology

In addition to my writing services, I offer assistance in computational biology, whether data analysis or mathematical modelling. I can analyse your data or provide training so you can do it yourself. For more details, see my list of bioinformatics services and prices.