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Would you like to develop a mathematical model of your system that could explain your data?
You have only a few months of funding left and you cannot hire a post-doc to analyse a dataset?
How can you improve the impact of your grant application or your publication?

We believe that research in the life-sciences sometimes benefits from bespoke solutions, following the Agile approach, rather than one-size fits all offers, using ready-made recipes and platforms. We provide a personalised, flexible and iterative service for specific tasks that life-science researchers, from companies or academic groups, could not undertake otherwise. This support can take the form of fixed collaborations, limited in time or by objectives, or be more open-ended collaborations.

We propose two different but synergistic activities.

Bespoke data analysis and modelling

In modern biology, data-driven discovery has taken centre stage, computational processing of large datasets being inescapable. This requires ever evolving skills, that are costly and time-consuming to acquire. If you want to analyse a numerical dataset but you do not have the expertise in-house and you cannot hire, train and supervise a new collaborator, we can help; Either by performing the statistical analysis or mathematical modelling ourselves, or by training and supervising you or your collaborators. Examples of tasks: using a transcriptomic dataset to identify sub-populations, assess the effect of a treatment on gene expression, or infer a gene regulatory network, Create a model of your biochemical pathway or your disease from scratch, or adapt an existing model in conjunction with your own data.

Find out more about our services in data analysis and modeling

Scientific writing and document translation

Concise and impactful writing is one of the cornerstones of life-science research. The ability to express a complex idea in a limited number of words, the expressiveness and aesthetic of a figure, will make a huge difference when time comes to choose between projects or publications of equal excellence. We will improve drafts and help produce high quality figures, for project designs, grant applications, project reports and research publications. Find out more about our services in scientific writing.

We also translate scientific texts, such as publications, reports and thesis, between a variety of languages and US/UK English. Find out more about our services in translation services.

For more details, see our list of services and prices.